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Travels in Africa
A dehavilland dash-just one of the nine planes we took

A dehavilland dash-just one of the nine planes we took

I now have my feet back on English soil having spent the last month out of the country exploring parts of Africa.

I realise I have neglected my blog for some time now what with exams, the end of my course and then working to pay for my trip.

I wanted to write a travel blog while I was away but simply did not have the time so now I’m back, here is a summary of thoughts on South Africa, Morocco and Egypt. Continue reading

The European Union: elections and problems
The European Commission

The European Commission

Yesterday I went to a talk entitled “Demystifying the EU”, given by Alison Rose who works at the Foreign Office. I know I will have already lost half of you. “European Union? Yawn!” That is what a lot of people think.

That was the problem that we all came up against as soon as questions were opened to the floor. The main consensus was no one in Britain understands the EU, no one likes it and a lot of people will not vote in the European elections because they don’t believe it has any bearing on their lives. Continue reading

Reporting G20: a new way of covering news
April 1, 2009, 5:36 pm
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G20 protestors gathered in London

As the G20 protests in the City gathered pace today, I like many others, turned to Twitter to keep updated.

It is at times like this when I fear that newspapers in their print form really are redundant. Who wants to find out the news tomorrow morning when they can watch the action unfold via the many 24 hour news mediums available?

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Business at the Hackney Post
Tim Campbell and other members of The Bright Ideas Trust

Tim Campbell and other members of The Bright Ideas Trust

I started this week with much intrepidation, I have limited knowledge about business, especially Hackney specific business.

My week as business editor for the Hackney Post started well. The business section is only a page long and I had one other person in my team and a good lead story.

I spoke to Tim Campbell of The Apprentice for a feature, as well as a young entrepreneur which his company had helped and his marketing manager. They were all really helpful and gave me some great material for my story.

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Talking to the winner of The Apprentice

Tim Campbell won The Apprentice in 2005

It’s that time of year again; I am getting swept up in the fever surrounding The Apprentice.

I sat down to watch the new series on Wednesday night and it lived up to expectations. There were already arguments and bitchy comments being thrown around. I am not usually a fan of reality TV but something about the show has me hooked.

So I was rather excited when I got to speak to Tim Campbell- first winner of a place in Sir Alan Sugar’s company- as part of my role as business editor of The Hackney Post this week.

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Government bailout for newspapers

Newspaper stand from laffy4k on Flickr

The Government has bailed out the banks and is working on a package for the motor industry, so what next? Some people have suggested newspapers should also receive a lump sum from Alastair Darling’s pot.

This idea was rejected by the Business Secretary Peter Mandelson earlier this month.

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Online at The Hackney Post
March 21, 2009, 12:15 pm
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hackneyThis week I have been involved in all things online and things were going fairly smoothly till disaster struck. The website crashed, on deadline day.


Thankfully it was back up and running fairly quickly.

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Week one on The Hackney Post

hp-web-mast-with-tag-copy2This week we have embarked on producing our own newspaper and website The Hackney Post, covering all things Hackney related.

My role for this week was in the features department so on Thursday last week I rolled up for a features meeting to discuss ideas and start things moving.

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Social media: is it all too much?
January 30, 2009, 2:33 pm
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social_media_strategiesHaving returned to the grindstone after the Christmas break I had a very interesting lecture yesterday from Robin Hamman

He spoke to us about the use of social networking and how to exploit it for journalistic purposes.

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Animal testing: the reality?

monkeyAs a journalist my future job will no doubt challenge me and take me into some situations with which I am not comfortable. This is probably the first of many but as the first I think it is most challenging. My mission? To write a news feature on animal testing.

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